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Jul 12, 2005
Orange Juice: Mixing

Cartons of orange juice are such a beautiful thing. Ready to drink, with or without pulp, none of this painful chopping and mixing. There is a certain science to it though that involves adding the frozen blob to a small amount of warm tap water, and breaking it down and mushing it up into a slushy with a big spoon, and then adding the rest of the 3 cans of cold water. But under Wally and Osborne’s conditions… I feel Wally’s pain.

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  • Dawn

    I always amazed when people have troubles with those frozen juice cylinders. Here’s the solution: Take the jug you’re going to mix the juice into. Put the whole cylinder into it (without breaking any of the seals). Then fill it to the top with hot tap water. Let it sit in the sink for a few minutes while you mix up your pancakes or whatever. Then take it out of the now-cool water, dump the water out and mix it up with cold tap water. No more struggling with slush.

    Awesome comic.

  • bobo

    that last panel is gold im not sure whos look is beter. lol

  • Izzieluv

    Wally, Wally Wally

  • ostrich girl

    i can so feel for Wally

  • crazycat12

    wallys hand must hurt , every time i try to make oj like that my hand feels like its about to fall off (osbourne looks funy in the 4th panel ,LOL)

  • Poppy

    Orange pain.

  • I like Osbourne’s look in the 4th panel! 🙄

  • Replies!
    crazycat12:Yes, ooh. 😥
    ostrich girl: Yes! 😳
    Izzieluv: Wally,Wally,Wally,Wally,Wally,Wally,Wally,Wally,Wally,Wally,Wally,Wally. 🙄
    bobo: Osbourne’s is better! 😯
    Dawn: Don’t be. 😈

  • I love the look\looks in the 4th panel!

  • hi guys

    hey,poppy,it’s not your job to go out replieing every ones coments. 😡 their for tyler martin. 😡 i mean, it’s just not polite. 😥 great comic! 😛 i just found the oficle site.i’ve been going on know they’ve just been showing repeits?sorry for any miss spells,i’m in 4th grade’so… i’ve already read every comic on the site and i’m trying to buy you book,but i can’t find it anywhere.OHH!!! 😮 i forgot the whole reasen i posted this coment!well,actualy there are severl.1.they sell frosen orange juce? ❓ 2.Congrajelations on your new baby!he’s so cute!i wish i had a baby brother!3.i think you should do one where wally TRYS to take a bath. 😯 4. i have my own series of comics!tell me how to get them on a website & copywrited please! keep up with the comics,my well-faire depends on it! 🙂 😎 😀 😛

    • Call me wind because I am absluoelty blown away.

  • Liger45

    Wally and Osborne could just suck on it.

  • baybay2

    I like Wallys expresin in the third pannle!

  • Wow! Wally can mix orange juice so fast!

  • baybay2

    I like wallys expression in the fourth pannel its halarious.!

  • Mewcario

    Umm… One thing… Where did wally get the water?