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Jun 28, 2005
Meet Wally

Here we meet one of our main characters. Wally. A Polar Bear all the way from the North Pole, where Polar Bears come from. How did he get to Antarctica? We don’t know that right now, but the locals might see him as a bit of a inadvertent menace.

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  • Hello!

  • steven

    😎 sweet

  • I love Wally’s Expression in the 5th panel! 😳

  • What would you do if you
    Knew all of the things we knew
    Would you stand up for truth
    Or would you turn away too
    And then what if you saw
    All of the things thats wrong
    Would you stand tall and strong
    Or would you turn and walk away

  • :mrgreen: 😐 😈 🙂 😯 😕 😎 👿 😀 😳 😛 🙄 😉 😥 😮 😆 😡 🙁

  • My freind speaking!!! funny 😎

  • Replies!
    polaryoung: Good work with the smiles! 🙂
    Faction 3: On the knew part I would turn away, but I’d be strong in wrong! 😥
    steven: Yes, I agree! 😎
    crazycat12: Yes, definetley “cool” characters! HA HA! Get it? 😎
    Zoey: Yes, orcas eat penguin! 🙁
    OrAnGe JuIcE: Just experiment. Colon then D is the grin! 😉

  • 😎 ❗ 😳 😯 😥

  • Ah. Wally is unwise.

  • That was funny

    • car insurance rates :DDD no exam life insurance >:((

  • Cynthia

    Wally is funny and he’s my fave character but he’s an idiot! =-P

  • spanishbob

    L-O-V-E the comic Mr. Martin. I’v only just discovered this site and I like it way better than on Funbrain.

  • Liger45

    Why didn’t Wally slide off the ice to?

  • baybay2

    Beacause he’s the one who tillted the ice witch made him make his claws hold on to the ice! Duh!

  • Nate

    🙂 8( 🙂 :D>:) >:(

  • wally comited homicide

  • Wally so owes those penguins 🙂

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  • baybay2

    tnx a lot wally you killed poor penguins. 🙁