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Aug 4, 2006
Like Taking Candy From A Baby

Do people really take candy from babies? Should babies even be eating candy? At any rate, I’m pretty sure Wally does not know the proper way to hold a penguin. Any time I’ve seen people holding them they had them in a “bear” hug…heh. Also for the record, penguins carry rocks with their beaks, Osborne just happens to have amazing flipper dexterity.

Penguins In the News

Long-time reader Sidnaceous sent me a link to this article. Every year penguins drifting out on ice floes end up way north on the beaches of Brazil. It says they are sent to local zoos, but this year there are over a 100 of them and they will be taking a trip back to the Antarctic ocean care of Brazil’s air force and navy. Maybe they are wintering in Brazil (it’s winter down there) because Antarctica is freezing (literally).

Apparently that oil spill I mentioned back in May off the coast of Argentina is still unexplained. Nice. On a good note though, the first batch of rescued and cleaned Magellanic penguins of about 200 survivors are being returned to the sea.

Polar Bears In the News

In an Amsterdam zoo, in the middle of summer, Tatania the polar bear got to play in man-made snow. The snow may end up being a regular treat, especially if the Netherlands continue to see such heatwaves.

Global Warming In the News

LOL. It’s all over the place, I can’t even break it down enough to summerize it here other than to say “please stay tuned to the event of a lifetime when the earth will spontaneously explode into a ball of flames”.

  • aida

    great comics! i love the style and colors!


  • Mac

    Ya know, Ive heard of Lawn Gnomes but thats ridiculous! Also, if Osbourne has some awesome flipper dexterity, how come he could ONLY MAKE PAPER in the paper, rock, scissors comic? I know, I pay WAY 2 much attention too this kind of thing. I have another question, Why were they so hesitant to take the Cock-Eyed Penguin’s rocks. What is he going to do? Hit him with a wing of FEATHERS. Sorry Tyler if If ruining your comics. Its just that, the world NEEDS 2 know!

  • MusicMan

    funny. Good point though, mac

  • tux

    What a great comic to discover after several days without a proper Wally and Osborne fix (I really missed when I went away on vacation for 2 weeks without internet and then to come back and . . . ). I had made the previous comic my background, although resizing it made it look quite bad (did keep the AR but my 1680×1050 res means quite a big of blowing up), this one definitely tops it though πŸ˜€

    Also wanted to point out you’ve got an extra h in the link to the polar bear article.

    @Mac: Well although Osborne has awesome flipper dexterity he isn’t actually moving his flippers that strangely, he’s just pinning some rocks to himself (after rotating them obviously, they would normally point down), making scissors would be quite impossible for him and rocks would require curling up his flipper which is not at all what he’s doing now. So there! You’ve not ruined Tyler’s comic! πŸ˜›

  • izzieluv

    oh how mean *shock* i can’t belive, veggitarian wally would do that

  • PurpleKoopa

    That thing would make one mean lawn oranment. It wouldn’t even need batteries for those googly eyes, and they aren’t that cheap plastic kind either (or are they?!).

  • angie

    well i wanna keep him. he looks so lost and lonely and everyone keep taking advantage of him *cries*
    can i have him please please

  • Dorlaem

    the little one is a saint! he should be a lawn ornament! πŸ˜†

  • Dorlaem

    lol, the last article was the same I red in dutch

  • Sarah

    lol, I’ve been reading since the begining but this is my favorite!

  • Rolo

    It’s great how expressive Wally is…Osborne tends to keep the same expression, but Wally’s face is just class. Another good ‘un, Tyler.

  • Rolo

    …Thought of this just as I clicked “post” on the above comment.


  • Phizlo

    I wonder if the scrawny penguin has any friends. If he does, then maybe his friends will help him get his rocks back. If he doesn’t, I hope he enjoys being a lawn ornament. I also wonder why he doesn’t do anything about it.

  • Ashley

    the poor little penguin needs to bite wally very hard and make him wear a bandage, lol. If that thing is used as a lawn ornament I will laugh and laugh and then cry… lol

  • ed

    i think he is just luring Wally and Osborne into a false sense of security so they will be easier to attack. he is sooo cute though, at first he seemed just wierd but i guess he grows on you. i think his name should be Geoffry!

  • Alexis :)

    My cousin (Hannah’s sister) got married yesterday.
    We were both in the wedding so I didn’t have time…
    Here’s your Polar Bear fact:
    P.bears are born in twos (twins!!) very rarely one or three. Even litters of four have been recorded.
    Sorry about missing one day of polar bear facts, I was a little busy.
    P.S. I a twin too!

  • BriGuy

    If Wally keeps gripping the scrawny penguin by his neck he’ll be dead before they can use him as a lawn ornament.

    I wonder hoe much use three little rocks will contribute in there quest to build a house.

  • Wow i love how the penguin is comatose, but he’s still looking at wally while he’s holding him and osbourne while hes talking. Those little details make this comic great.

  • Alexis :)

    I totally agree with you BriGuy, three rocks surely won’t do it.
    The poor little penguin..
    In my last post I meant ‘I’m’ instead of ‘I’

  • Jenn

    Ahaha genius.

  • Hannah (penguin freak)

    hey people
    heres a penguin fact for today:

    the Little Blue penguin is the smallest of all penguins,
    at the height of about 1-2 feet.

    and hey Alexis you should get Elizabeth (Alexis’ twin)
    to post comments too!

  • Alexis :)

    Ahe never get on this website though.
    I’ll tell her

  • Elizabeth : )

    Hi Hannah
    Club penguin was crazy.
    See you tomorrow!
    : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : P

  • Sev


    I’m working on an hypothesis that the funniest words are monosyllabic.

  • Hannah

    hello people how are you today
    this is my penguin fact

    Leopard seals can only catch weak or sick penguins
    because healthy ones are too fast and can out-swim them.

    see you tomorrow with another penguin fact!

  • Hannah

    oh no!!!!!
    its really warm in Antarctica today!!!!!
    TOO warm!!!!!

  • Elizabeth : )

    πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

    😯 πŸ™„ πŸ˜†

    πŸ˜‰ πŸ™

  • ed

    i figured out global warming, everyone is getting so mad at each other and when the steam comes out their ears it heats up the earth!!! ; )

  • SuperVegito

    i hope the earth don’t spontaneously combust into a hugeantic ginormic ball of flames and send us all to our fiery graves too soon i’m really enjoying Hanna and Alexis’ daily penguin and polar bear facts

  • BriGuy

    If the little penguine didn’t notice before Wally was steeling his rocks, he probably does now. πŸ™‚

  • BriGuy

    Oops. I spelt penguin wrong.

  • Elizabeth : )

    I don’t think that penguin processes thoughts like that. πŸ˜›

  • Alexis :)

    Neither do I, πŸ˜†
    & thank you SuperVegito, anyway, your daily polar bear fact:

    Adult male polar bears weigh 880 to 1300 lbs while females weigh 450 to 650 lbs, almost half the size of males!!!

    I don’t think Wally is that big… 😯
    Alexis πŸ˜€
    πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

  • Alexis :)

    Oh and SuperVegito, thanks for not spelling my name like this Alexis’s people dont know that rule. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜†

  • Leonardo

    in the 3th and 4th panel the weird pinguin’s eyes works good!

  • spyguy294

    thats true leonardo

  • her

    From the site about the polar bear at the Amsterdam zoo: “The zoo is even considering creating a new polar bear enclosure with a permanent snow canon.”

    I’d buy one of those…it’d be great to use on unspecting passers-by…:lol:

  • Eric

    Aww mannn, I was hoping the little penguin would totally beat up Wally and Osborne… I really feel bad for him πŸ™

  • Alexis :)

    I agree with Leonardo πŸ™„
    Heres you daily polar bear fact πŸ˜‰
    Polar bears do not hybernate, though the Females will not emerge from their caves while their cubs are young.
    Alexis πŸ˜†

  • ARG

    eric there is still time

  • Anonymous

    that would be one ugly lawn ornament

  • angie

    every time i come check for a new comic i fall in love with crazy eyez all over again.
    please please let me have him

  • Hannah (penguin freak)

    hi people sorry the penguin fact is late:

    The temperature in Antarctica in the winter can
    be as low as -80degrees F, with winds of
    up to 100mph!

    and hey, SuperVegito, you spelled my name wrong. 😯
    Hannah has an “h” at the end……

  • Hannah (penguin freak)

    hey Alexis
    in that comic where Osbourne
    is reading about polar bears’ sizes,
    Wally is really small….

  • Hannah (penguin freak)

    hey people
    these are all the people I know
    who post comments here:
    -Alexis (my cousin)
    -Elizabeth (my other cousin and Alexis’ twin)
    -ed (Emily DeFord) (my friend)
    -and last but not least, me.
    so that was just a review to say
    that those are all the people
    that know Penguin Freak Hannah.
    Bye bye!

  • Hannah (penguin freak)

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ πŸ™

  • Alexis :)

    I know, but in comparison to Osborne Wally is really small. πŸ˜†
    Hey everyone:
    You should go to this cool website called
    Its really cool.
    Hannah is a Penguin Freak.

  • io

    If you are still intrested in naming that penguin,i still like gargle.and the temperture is just right in antarctica, its -5 degrees! ;-)_

  • io