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Aug 30, 2006
Is It Bad?

I hardly notice it… looks fine.

Bopping each other with their bellies is a common way for penguins to fight. I’ll see if I can get some video footage of that to share with you in the next day or so.

Penguins On the Highway

I hadn’t been following my news feeds lately and was going through catching up. Earlier this month, a truck carrying zoo animals overturned on a Texas highway spilling out two dozen penguins onto the road. One penguin died in the crash and three were killed by oncoming traffic. Man, that would feel horrible to run over a penguin.

  • Canadian Mooseman

    Excellent use of color and paint and stuff on the first panel Tyler! LOL! hilarious. cant wait for the next one!

  • Ashley

    A very great comic! πŸ˜€ Just looks very bad, but it should heal soon…

  • S. Dolphin

    LOL. I have never been hit in the eye before. The first picture was kinda gross.

  • Angie

    see the freaky lil penguin isn’t the only ugly one now

  • Mysterygal

    L0L! Nice one.

  • Bob from accounting

    Oh no, you can just bet that the juvie penguins will be selling a ‘cure’ – or that wally will try and ‘fix’ it.
    Poor, poor Osbourne.

  • I read about the penguin truck accident in the newspaper. I also read that one of the penguins broke his flipper. I was drawing penguins in casts all day. ; (

  • Sorry, but that last comment was from me, Joepro. My sister left Emywemy in the name space.

  • Mikko

    eew. freaky.

  • BriaN

    great comic, but the last bit of news made me feel sad and with that I think I’ll go to bed…thats sad… poor penguins…

  • Shrew

    Sweet first panel πŸ™‚

  • BriGuy

    Yikes! I’d hate to run over a penguin. I’d feel horrible. πŸ˜₯ Then again there’s nothing I could of done to prevent it.

    How can a penguin belly-punch another penguin without getting stabbed in their stochmach for the other penguin’s beak? Oh well, it doesn’t really matter. πŸ˜•

  • The penguins were from our zoo here in Indianapolis.

    The accident actually killed 4 penguins, 1 Rockhopper and 3 Gentoos. What they failed to mention was the fact that it wiped out our entire Gentoo population (we only had those 3).

    I am especially saddened because green-white-green (they are named according to their flipper band colors) was killed. He was not only my favorite penguin but I think he liked me. Whenever I would visit he would swim over to me and perform tricks for me (following me around the area and ignoring any and all of the other people there just to perform for me). I adored him and was broken hearted to learn of his death. I’m hoping that we might be able to get other Gentoos to replace the ones lost but even so, it will not be the same.

  • Wow – nice first panel Tyler.

  • Canadian Mooseman

    hey, umm Tyler, did you move the first panel around or something?

  • Phizlo

    The poor penguins. It makes me sad that four of the penguins died. At least the comic made me feel better Tyler.

  • Anonymous

    poor Osbourne =()

  • Belgian girl

    You changed the panels?
    It’s actually better like this!
    I really like your comics^^

  • Canadian Mooseman

    yeah u did cahnge the panels. it has better order like this though

  • Alexis

    EWWWWWWW!!!! πŸ˜›

  • Canadian Mooseman

    new comic please!

  • Canadian Mooseman

    when will they ever get some rockss???? WHEN???

  • BriGuy

    “Nah, Osborne, it’s not that bad, other than the fact your eye is orange and the size of a baseball. 😯

  • ed

    those poor, poor penguins, that’s terrible!

  • Purple Koopa

    Thank goodness we only see one eye from the side view…his good one.

  • Sev

    I absolutely love the “closeup” comics.

  • Lil

    Ouch!…..Osborne. Maybe you ought to try that stunt again so both eyes will match…hee hee

  • Those poor penguins that were lost . . . But they are with God now.

  • Fex

    i have a question… its recently occured to me that in the comics, the penguin is refered to as ‘Osbourne’, with a U. however the address of the site and the title of the comic at the top of the site is ‘Osborne’ without a U… could someone explain… has osborne had a speeling change since ontherocks? this is really hurting my poor brain, thinking about it…

  • BriGuy

    Fex, Since the first anniversary of the comic, when Tyler changed the site and name he changed “Osbourne” to “Osborne”. πŸ˜€

  • poor penguins πŸ™

  • you moved!

  • Bandman

    Little flip flop today on the panels!?

  • Heheh, that’s really amusing that the panels were flipped… after it was on lj and another person commented on how it’d be funnier the way it’s now flipped to which I agreed with them… hmmm, coincidence?

  • io


  • Osborne looked like me when I had a black eye!

  • I agree, it makes the story better….. Seeing Wally look like that for two pannels builds up suspiscion. πŸ˜›

  • Hannah

    hey people
    i see you didnt miss my penguin facts
    well thats good because i’m tired of posting penguin facts

    Those poor penguins!!!
    I would be crying all the time for a long time
    if my parents or someone ran
    over a penguin and i was there… πŸ˜₯
    i would feel so bad πŸ™

  • Zack

    ahhh well ill start oenguin facts XD. well ok fine im, justing gonna use hannah’s old ones and some new ones XD

  • Zack

    ok first fact.

    Adelie penguins are the smallest of the Antarctic penguins. One way to distinguish them from the other penguins is by their all black head and the white ring around their eye.

    Adelie penguins were named after the wife of a French explorer in the 1830s. They are about 2 feet tall and weigh 8 or 9 pounds. Their diet is mainly fish.

  • Zack

    i still won’t be as good as hannah though XP

  • Eric

    Yayyy we finally get to see Osborne in gritty-realistic mode!

  • Eric

    I like the two feathers sticking out of his head especially…

  • Fex

    BriGuy: hehe thanks. i just read that myself when reading hte rest of the comics! haha i understand now! =D

  • on the topic of the comic……. it looks like somebody over did theactrical makeup. πŸ˜› And his eye has like shells on the top and bottom or something.

  • Zack

    lol cant wate for more tyler.
    im glad im not osborne.

  • jayne


  • Jenn

    Aww…poor Osborne.

  • BriGuy

    Wally has obviously never heard it’s not polite to stare. πŸ˜›

  • Jesse