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Aug 24, 2015

They’re back! And it feels so good. Like you dear reader, I have missed these little guys more than words can express and it is with many tears of joy I am reunited with both them and you once again. Creating these comics is really all I want to do these days, I’m going to start with once a week but hopefully with your help we can have 5 comics a week very soon. To show your support please become a Patreon supporter of Wally & Osborne, it will be totally worth it!

  • Haunshaul

    I’m so excited! I remember when these were still coming out new on Funbrain the first time around. I was always pleased that they were age-appropriate without being pandering. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks, I will!

      • Mewcario

        OMG since 2008 ive been waiting SOOOO LONG AND THEYRE BACK! IM GONNA CRY!

        but srsly i thought theyd never come back ,-,

    • Erik Nilsen

      I read these on Funbrain, too! How I’ve missed them. It’s great that you’re starting to make these again, @Tyler Martin, since “Brawl in the Family” ended not long ago.

  • Marco Tedaldi

    Wow… It feels great to see you back! Woot!
    Please don’t let them go back to hibernation any time soon!

    • I won’t, they are here to stay where they belong.

  • gage

    yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!! soooo happy πŸ™‚

  • Arielle

    HOLY COW! I honestly never expected this to come back! πŸ˜€ I am glad though. This was the very first webcomic I read, back on funbrain before I knew what webcomics where.

    Glad you are back, and hopefully to stay!

    • I always knew it would I just didn’t know how long it would take. Here to stay!

      • Arielle

        Glad to hear it! You where a huge inspiration to me back in the day, and I was sad when I couldn’t find out anything about what happened.

  • MrMoon

    7 years! Crazy! Welcome back πŸ™‚

    • It is crazy, time slips by so fast.

      • Pedro Neto

        Tyler, is the old website login still available ?

        • No logins. Just the account you use for comments here.

  • Welcome back! Woo!

  • Urgh2012

    Just happened to Google this today wondering if I could reread the old comics I remember from third grade!! I wish I could help support through the patreon :c Can’t wait!! <3

    • Your reading and enjoying the comics is support enough!

  • Chris

    Seeing this made me happy, but then immediately reminded me that I am now seven years older, which makes me feel a like my childhood is super long dead.

    • If we are still reading and laughing at comics, we are still young!

  • Welcome back! πŸ™‚

  • pl20

    so great to have you back!! I remember reading this comic when I was 12, I’m 22 now and still freaking out like I was 12 again. it’s an amazing feeling. (btw I used the same username I used back then πŸ˜€ if anyone remembers penguinluvr20? no? oh.)

    • I remember! Glad you found your way back. πŸ™‚

  • skillwizz

    Only discovered ‘The Bear and the Bird’ last week ! Love them Tyler! How am I going to read only one a week, after reading 10 or so per day!!! Move over Kalvin and Hobbs. ????

    • Haha, thanks! I hope to be back up to 5 a week at least.

  • YetAnotherAsian

    Has it really been 7 years?
    (turns on celebratory music)

  • Dylan Bedford

    Whoa! Whoaaaaaa! It’s like I’m back in 2008, posting as “clubpenguindude.” Welcome back! One recommendation: Bring back the W&O emoticons. Those things were awesome.

    • Just like old times. I’ll see what I can do.

      • Mewcario

        Yaay emoticons!

  • The eleven-year-old in me is incredibly happy right now. ^__^

    Good to have them back, and the new site is gorgeous too!

    • Awesome, glad he’s still with you. πŸ˜‰ And thanks!

  • TheKunadiun

    When I saw “Wally & Osborne are back!” in my junk folder, I thought to myself…”What a strange piece of junk mail…how do they know I like wally and osborne?” And then I thought…”Wait, is this legit?”
    Thank you so much for bringing these back Tyler…ahh so many childhood memories. I’m so excited for new comics πŸ˜€

    • Haha, that’s a horrible place for them to be. I manually copy and pasted the email to hundreds of addresses from the old comments, most of them bounced back as bad addresses but I’m glad yours found its way to you, even if it ended up in your junk folder. Totally legit, thanks for coming back!

      • Kevin F

        You manually copy and pasted 100’s of email address’s. You are now my number 1 idol.

  • Michael Montoya

    Hey there Tyler! I first discovered Wally and Osborne when I was 10 years old while browsing in my elementary school library, and I was instantly hooked. Now, as an 18 year old, it’s an amazing feeling to see Wally and Osborne back. Thanks so much for all the laughs throughout the years, and the ones still to come! πŸ™‚

    • Awesome. I was there for your childhood, I’m back for your adulthood! Just think when you get on the internet in a retirement home some day, and I’m back again, for like the 7th time by then. πŸ˜€

  • KillerPenguin

    Holy Moly!!! Blimey Tyler, I’ve kept this as a saved tab on my laptop since 2008 in the vague hope of Wally and Osborne’s return and I’m very glad to see them again!!! Huzzar!

    • I’m glad you still have that old laptop! And made your way back here. Gonna be just like old times, but new times!

      • KillerPenguin

        Most excellent news! Will the forum be back too? :). I wish it was the same old laptop, I just saved all my most important tabs :D.

  • Kevin F

    I am starting again from the top and I am going to see how fast I can read it down to the most recent

  • Chocolatebutterjelly

    I remember procrastinating back in primary school by reading these comics, and being really disappointed one day when I realised they had stopped. I always was a pretty nostalgic guy, but this is serious levels even for me. We’re talking dangerous levels of nostalgia.

    Seriously though, with the number of other people that appear to all be in a similar situation to me, you might just have a new age group to cater for: late-teens that read this comic 7 years ago! So excited to see where this goes from here!

  • Simply an iguana

    OHMYGOSH YOU’RE BACK!! I was so little when I read these! I LOVE THIS