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Dec 18, 2006

Wally… the Polar Nerd.

I bet that smarted. Yeah, I said it.

I’ve worn glasses for years, since I couldn’t see the chalkboard anymore from the back of the classroom in middle-school (Sugg Middle School in Lisbon Falls, Maine to be exact). Glasses are kind of a nuisance, so I switch back and forth now from glasses to contact lenses. Contact lenses seem like they work better as far as vision goes, less distortion since they are right on your eye, and no scratches or eyelash grease, but each has its downfall. When I put glasses on at night it messes with my equilibrium a bit, and takes a minute for my eyes to adjust to focusing with them after being used to the lenses. But then if you put on a pair of glasses that are not your prescription like Wally did, it’s eye-strain city.

And I don’t know what it is about looking smarter with glasses. But it’s true, somehow bad vision equals smarter… :/

Sun Sneeze Follow-up

I wanted to thank Peter and Chris in the comments the other day for mentioning the official name of sun sneezes… photic sneezes, caused by the photic sneeze reflex. The long name is Autosomal dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst Syndrome, whose backronym is of course… ACHOO (a backronym is an acronym that is formed so that it will purposely be a specific word or group of letters, in this case to be somewhat humorous). Also, apparently the theory of the optic nerve triggering the sneeze nerve when the person is exposed to bright light such as the sun is the accepted theory. So there you go.

  • Jonah

    FIRST COMENT!! WHOHOO! Well anyways, nice comic, but i didnt know Wally had a gold tooth!! Oh and i like the hand drawn stuff youve done lately!

  • Roi

    I think the reason for only smart people wearing glasses is that everyone else hides that they have them, and most people get contact lenses. I, personally, like glasses, because you can set something down on top of them in the morning and you won’t forget to pick them up.

  • zeel

    yes top three in the coments finily

  • I like sun-glasses :p

  • just_another_penguin_lover

    Glasses… I have been wearing them since the FIRST grade, and im STILL waiting to get smarter!!!! I have given up hope. Its been 16 years and ive given up hope of that happening…haha…oh well. Nice comic Tyler, I like Wallys eyes in the 2nd panel! HAHA… Osborne must REALLY love his coffee!!! Hes still drinking it! But then agian, who DOESNT love coffee!!! Isnt it the Best!! I have actually tried the whole looking at a bright light to see if i sneeze…. it has yet to work… so i guess im not in the 17%-25% of humans that it happens too… thats ok, i dont think i would like to sneeze everytime i turned on the light, haha, jk.

  • This is more of a general comment, but I love how you’ve varied the style for frames when you want to emphasize a certain image. Keep it up!

  • hey people
    i’ve been wearing glasses since second grade and people
    in elementary school told me all the time they made me look smarter…
    They just make Wally look-i dunno-INSANE!
    when i first opened it up, the first thing i saw
    was the second panel i thought: Wally’s a nerd.
    It reminds me of before i wore glasses and i would put on my dad’s
    and then run into stuff cuz it hurt my eyes and i would close them.
    i like how when Wally went Bonk Osborne’s coffee spilled.

  • Ishmael

    even though they make him look smarter it just makes him dumber. πŸ™

  • Matt_D

    Hey Tyler, i don’t know if you know already, but you got an honorable mention in the Comixpedia’s People Of Webcomics List For 2006

  • io

    lol. nice comic.

  • Sheena

    πŸ˜€ What’s with Wally’s gold tooth? Also, Wally’s “bipolar disease” ( ) must be working on him again. You see, glasses are SUPPOSED to make you look smarter, but Wally just looks like a doofus with them. But sunglasses are cool. 😎

  • hi people. here is your daily obvious penguin fact:
    penguins live in the south pole.

    ive been wearing glasses since the 3rd grade, so ive been wearing them for 5 years. im still waiting to get smarter. waiting……waiting…..

  • zeel

    I have perfict vision but my mom ,dad ,and sister ware glases (my mom and my sister dont war them all the time but my dad dus ) I hope I never haveto ware them !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacob The Penguin Freak

    My sister has glasses, and some new orthadontist thing called HERPST; she used to have braces and headgear, but that did not work, and she is in the top class for Hebrew and Math.

  • qtpa2tnh

    Here is your polar bear fact from me and Zoobooks ! : Imagine how much growing a baby polar bear has to do ! At birth , it weighs about one pound and is small enough to hold in your hands . It cannot see or hear , and it only has a thin coat of white hair . In the first month , a cub grows FOUR TIMES its original size . By the time it is a month old , it can see and hear , but still cannot walk . A two-month-old cub weighs about as much as a newborn human . By this time , the cub knows how to walk , but it is still not strong enough to leave the den . When a cub is three months old , it is finally ready to leave the den . But for several weeks , the little bear will hardly leave its mother’s side .It is hard to believe that a polar bear grows from being a one-pound bear to an 800-pound bear !Extra ! : In the summer , when the ice melts , some polar bears come ashore-they can swim hundreds of miles for migration- . For a few months , they act just like brown(Grizzly) bears , staying in the forests and eating wild berries .

    Note : ——>blanknone

  • qtpa2tnh

    It’s a Wallynerd (Wall-E-nrd) !

  • im still waiting…. waiting……waiting…. my momm says i have 2 get braces, and i agree. my teeth arent THAT bad, but bad enuf. just slightly out of place. literally. ummmmm, i hope i never have to get head gear. it seems so embarrssing! i remember the day that i got my 1st pair of glasses: it was april fools day on the year 2001, i got them and my mom took me over to my nanas house so she could see them. normally i am the april fools day champ, and fool her every time, but then she said, “kayla, you have a SCRATCH on your new glasses!!!” i was in shock. i took them off and looked at them and then she said, “APRIL FOOLS!!!” i was so relieved and kinda mad that she got me good. really good. well, now that i told u my life story feel free 2 tell me urs!!!
    i just got finished watching over the hedge with tyler(my little bro, not tyler martin!) it was ok, ive seen better.
    srry 4 taking up space

  • im really sorry 4 taking up space. thats a very long comment


  • Jeremy

    Tyler (or anyone with vision correction actually)- if you dislike wearing glasses or contacts, consider laser surgury. Im not trying to sell it or anything, just passing on the good word. I had laser surgury July of 2005, and it was one of the greatest things Ive ever done. It was reletively inexpensive ($599 per eye) and completely painless, and the recovery period was like five hours. The plan i purchased also included lifetime enhancements, so I can go back and have the surgury at any time for free!

    Just a thought for anyone interested.

  • Hmmm… Ove $1,000 to have someone come in and cut my openwith a lazer! I’ll get back to you on the\at. Nice comic Tyler. I want an ecard.

  • LOL funny comic. There are only like four people in my class that have glasses (including myself).

    Does anyone have an acount at club penguin? If you do what is your user name? Mine is MonkeySteph

    Did you know…….

    Because of their webbed feet, emperor penguins can also slide or “tobbagan” on ice 4-5 mph.

    Did I do that one already? Oh well here is a bonus one in case I did.

    Emperor penguins are the largest of 17 species or kinds of penguin.


  • zeel

    actuly in lazer surgery thay simply cut a fin lar of membrane off of your eye this clears up your vision comletly ( no I’m not trying to sel it ether)

  • zeel

    I dont like hand drown art

  • i have an account o club penguin!

    julia 90210

    any1 else want an ecard?

  • i know i sound stupid, and even though im older than most of u, but im going to ask anyway, WHAT IS BIPOLAR DISEASE???

  • finally! something funny! keep it up tyler! love it its sooooo funny! is this a start of a new trend cuz wallly looksss hideaussssssssssssssssss! LOL! :):):):):):

  • just_another_penguin_lover

    Most people dont understand the concept of bipolar disease so your not alone… its basically going from one extreme to the next…example would be you can go from EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!! and just happy happy happy, and then BOOM! To EXTREMELY DEPRESSED, and sulk, or get mad, or cry. Drastic Mood Changes in your self or personality. If you want to know more, just google”define: Bipolar Disorder”

    Formerly called Ò€œManic-Depressive Illness,Ò€ a mood disorder characterized by severe alterations in mood which are usually episodic and recurrent. At least one mood episode must be of the Ò€œmanicÒ€ type, in which a person experiences either extreme elevation in mood (euphoria) and energy level, or extreme agitation and irritability. In addition, episodes of depressed mood are usually present.

  • you gotta make some holiday ones! seriously!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  • you gotta make some holiday ones! seriously!!!!!!!!!

  • i have one its waddles1000. on clubpenguin that is. that website is my second fav. after this one of course

  • why am I always like last someone say something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you gotta have SOMETHING to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol! πŸ™‚

  • random

  • thanx 4 telln me!

  • Phizlo

    Wally doesn’t look smart. πŸ™ Very funny though. πŸ™‚
    I wear glasses since second grade. I don’t feel smarter.

  • zeel

    hay tyler over on the chat box sumtime it ses “cookies deactivatid”

  • zeel

    what dose that mean

    sory for taking spece

  • io

    i have 10 club penguin accounts. my usual one is Iohop.

  • STOP COPYING ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Polar bears have a thick layer of black blubbery skin which is covered in clear fur. The snow reflects of their hair making it seem white.

  • That’s a common misconception. I rarely use my glasses and when I do my actions don’t change. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m preety smart, and I was smart before I got my glasses. Wally just looks idiotic. How did he get a gold tooth. I mean, who could have given it to him. I’m afraid we’ll never know. I love Club Penguin. I’m Joepro22. I got that name frome this dude on a T.V. show I watch. I know someone else watches that same show, because a long time ago on this site there was a Joepro. But he was banned for some reason. Nice comic Tyler.

  • New Guy

    I use to wear glasses and I was smart now I wear contacts and my grades have gone odwn a bit! Glasses are magical.

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  • io


  • random stuff!

  • Phill

    Heheh, smarted. πŸ˜†

    With those glasses on, Wally looks a lot like Wally from Dilbert!

  • Lee

    [belated] Wally makes a spectacle of himself.

  • zeel

    hmmmm I think ozborn looks like he gand sum whaght has he ben eting human food cuz that is the only wayI can think of that cold put an thos extra ponds

  • I live in Lisbon, Portugal! (and I don’t wear glasses) eheh

    That gold tooth detail is nice.

    Also nice is Osborne with the coffee cup πŸ™‚

  • You’re right! Osborne does look a little bigger. Maby it’s the coffee. But let’s not talk about stuff like that. My teach let us watch movies today, because at my school today was the last day before winter break, and she showed us Super-Size Me! I’ve seen it before, but on;y half, because half-way through I got sick. Has anyone seen that move? Gross. Nice comic.

  • a_penguin
  • some wird guy

    πŸ™‚ man i hope that worked