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Jan 13, 2006
Deserted Island: Hallucination

It was bad enough that Osbourne was stranded on an iceburg with a crazy polar bear, but now he’s there with a hungry and crazy polar bear.

Hallucination can happen when the body is exhausted, including hunger. I haven’t experienced this myself from lack of eating fortunately, I just get really light headed and realize I gotta munch on something right away. I’ve gotten minor hallucinations from lack of sleep and fevers before though, that’s always interesting.

  • Okay, this one’s funny, but I gotta know..
    Are those chocolate covered cherries, chocolate covered macadamias, or perhaps, chocolate with a caramel filling?

    I’m goin for the chocolate covered macadamias. Wally seems like the type of bear who’d enjoy a tasty macadamia. Plus, macadamias are nuts, and Wally is currently a little crazy. Get it? Crazy.. .Nut! Hah!

  • Matt

    I’d rather they were cherries.

    Anyway, I love that last frame. Wally’s face is quite amusing.

  • Mmmmm, chocolate.

    I think I could eat a penquin if it was made of chocolate.

    Since my spouse has decided that we need to go on a diet, I’ve learned that Brach’s Bridge Mix is not a diet food.

    Poor Wally, I know what he’s going throug.

  • i’m starting to think of cookies rite now…..
    nice comics =p

  • Sev

    Note: A high-chocolate diet will turn your tongue blue.

  • woah! really?

  • was starting to wonder why my tongue was blue….

    • Uh, it’s WALLY’S tongue that’s blue, not yours.

  • Julie its spelled t-h-r-o-u-g-h not t-h-r-o-u-g
    and dragon lova read this \

  • Wally and hes chocolate!!!

    • Wally is not made of chocolate, but he EATS chocolate.

  • Sleeps with penguins

    I got a chocolate mold for christmas with penguin shapes so I could make little chocolate penguins

  • Osbourne

    i didn’t know that Polar bears could hallucinate.