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May 11, 2006
Box Armor

Who hasn’t made armor or a robot costume out of boxes? You could make yourself quite the suit with some boxes, bags and lots of duct tape. It seems I’ve had more comments about childhood lately than learning new bits of facts about Antarctica. It’s like summer vacation, we’ll get back into it with the new season.

Hundreds of Penguins Fall Victim To Oil

Well, here’s some sad news, over a hundred dead penguins covered in oild have washed up on the beaches of Argentina. Another 200 survivors are being treated and cleaned. Seems I just had some strips on oil and we were talking about this very thing. So sad. The really pathetic part is they don’t even know where the oil came from, no spills had even been reported. You can read the whole article at BBC News.

Humans are like the Steve Urkel of the environment. “Oops, did I do that?”

  • Kalava

    Haha, Osbourne is accurate.

  • Steve

    lol luv the 4th panel.

  • Abel

    to many stupid people and who get killed ? poor animals. who cares about a few hunderd pinguins if you can make money .selfish bastards

  • My guess is a tanker captain decided to pump out the slurry in an empty tank or two. Not supposed to do it at sea any more, but what the hell no-one will notice a small slick, right? And it saves having it done at port, which reduces turnaround time, so why not? Pah!

  • It’s that whole “If no-one sees me doing it, then it isn’t wrong” attitude. It’s a small oil slick here and a few dead penguins there – so what? As long as we don’t cut into the profits of the boss or lose my bonus, it’ll be alright.

    Yeah, it will be fine – right up to a few generations down the track when people can’t eat anything from the oceans or swim at the beach. Selfish isn’t the right word.

    I made a robot out of boxes once for school – boxes are amazing tools.

  • Waluigi

    I made a robot halloween costume out of a box too! πŸ˜€

  • odd, i would have took the snow ball off. πŸ™‚

  • haha… the 4th panel is GOLD! love wally’s expression :]

  • hey, how come he did not make arm holes, i guess that’s just Wally’s deep thinking. πŸ™‚

  • oops, wally’s way of deep thinking.

  • ~*Ashley*~

    aww man, that really is sad, :'( Poor penguins.

    Great comic though!

  • Athena

    The wya they just dump the oil in the water to save money/time, is kinda like peeing in the pool. You think “No one’s going to see anyways, so why not?” unfortunately, something BIG happens, the pool smells weird, plus if you swallow water you swallow pee. Hope fully the scientists will be able to clean up the survivors.

  • lol
    its funny how wally gets hit in the nuts :/ πŸ™‚ πŸ™„

  • ooo.

    thats gotta hurt. but the 4th panels still GOLD!!

  • Lil

    LOL Hey Wally, you asked for it….you got it1

  • tixy

    well, poor things. animals are alive, ya no? how would you feel if someone throws oil in front of ur house? we all make mistakes, but mistake like this affects the living and disturbs the natural life of animals! BEWARE!!!

    i feel that this animals should be protected by law or mayb should be kept in shelters. sth should b done… noone can do it by him self, but anyway…

    about the lil cartoon: poor bear, he got one in his nuts… it has to hurt… πŸ™‚

  • kyler

    hehe i think that the last one hurt! πŸ˜€

  • Izzieluv

    second to last pannel is great

  • mabey wally should try head and leg pieces.

  • wouldn’t you like to know

    All those poor penguins! We’re learning about a oil spill in history class now. One girl in my class didn’t know penguins were birds she thought they were mammals (this is in 9th grade honors) I guess she shares Wally’s way of DEEP thought. Anyway, love the comic. The way Wally looked in the fourth panel was a Kodac moment! lol

  • Waluigi

    Oi Abel, watch your language!

  • funley anuff Steve Urkel does the voice of sonic the hedgehog.

  • anuff…a nuff….anuf…anuff yea that works good, oh and for those who do not know who sonic the hedgehog is look at this. —>

  • Glad everyone is still around. I am not dead, just been really busy and not feeling so great. My plan is to get back to the comic tomorrow. Only 2 more comics to fill up book collection number one.

  • ONLY 2 😯 man if I was that close, oh not helping, but cool deal. (starts singing) ONLY 2 only 2 ONLY 2 (gets hit by a rock) x(

  • You

    im bored,im tired, im hungry, and i can’t wait for school to end .ARGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!

    GREAT comic btw

  • i was bored and made this.–>

  • kkkkoaaa

    Keep a good job up!

  • This comic made me laugh for ever! Its so funny. I can still see that last panel!

  • Wallys probably not gettng up from that one! GENUIS!!!!